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Imagine Gazing Up Into the Universe Through a Glass Ceiling While Relaxing in Bed!

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It's Time to Re-Think Going to Bed.

Every Single Bedroom in Every House, Hotel, Motel, B&B's, RV's, Yachts, Jets, Truck Cabins, Underground Bunkers, Survival Shelters, Wellness Rooms, Meditation Rooms, Prayer Rooms, Home Theaters, Home Planetariums, Media Rooms, Play Rooms, Classrooms, etc. is Your Market. How Many Bedrooms Do You Think are in Your City?

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Imagine turning off the lights in your bedroom, and looking through a glass ceiling at the universe! You'll see the most beautiful and awesome starry sky ever! 

It's invisible during the day... the ceiling looks normal. It doesn't change the room decor. But when the lights are turned out, the magic happens!


The awe-inspiring universe magically appears. The stars appear to be light years away, millions of miles above your house!


You'll see thousands of twinkling stars, constellations, meteors and the Milky Way galaxy and nebulae and other deep sky objects!


Not only is it awesome to be able to stargaze  at bedtime every night, you'll quickly "decompress" from all of life's stresses, and relax and fall asleep happier and quicker.


Hundreds of thousands worldwide already enjoy their own StarScapes F/X® Heavenly Ceiling™. Be the one in your area. Jump on board today!


It's a growing trend, and you can be on the ground floor! Learn it all in a weekend, and no experience is needed.


There's no faster method on Earth to make so much money with such a quick weekend of discovery and learning.


Optimism is in the air, and there's never been a better time than now to get started in your own city. Do it before your neighbor does.

  • Starscapes International teaches you the secrets to becoming your community's next Michelangelo! If you're looking for something unusual and fun to build a business in - this is as fun as it gets!
    Stony Roberts Columnist for Cutting Edge Opportunities magazine
  • WOW! Looks like the real night sky! Everyone wants this in their rooms! We finally found a great family business!
    Donna S. ---------
June 19, 2018

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  • Awesome
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  • Home Improvement
  • Ultra-Realistic Stargazing in Bed

People tell us that it's the most incredible thing they've ever seen.

They say that it's the most beautiful starry sky they've ever seen in their life.  You'll hear your clients tell you that it's awe-inspiring, profoundly relaxing, stress-relieving, fun, educational, and even romantic.

The hotel industry likes it because it not only beats their competitors, but gives their guests an awesome experience, and a peaceful, restful sleep. Some day, every bedroom will have STARSCAPES F/X® Heavenly Ceilings™, and we'll tell you why.

With your STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz, and absolutely no experience necessary, you'll be self-amazed at your newfound ability to quickly & comfortably create astronomically correct heavenly ceiling™ virtual planetariums in residential bedrooms, and motels and hotels.

Just "wave your magic wand" and the ceiling is transformed! All without moving furniture, and completed in about an hour or two.

Hundreds of Thousands Worldwide Love It!

Including sports heroes, pop singers, movie stars, millionaires, and hundreds of thousands worldwide. They have already discovered and are experiencing the awe & wonder of ultra-realistic stargazing indoors, with STARSCAPES F/X® the original Heavenly Ceiling™.

Daytime-Invisible / Nighttime-Awesome!

  • Listen to this... 'It looks so real!'
  • 'We put the minivan up for collateral to get this, and my wife is so glad that I'm finally making money!'

  • Absolutely fantastic!
    Dennis K.
  • The coolest thing I've ever seen!
    David J.
  • I made $1,420 today! My customers love it!
    Joe P
  • I made $5,600 in one house!
    Akeem W. Nevada
  • Everyone that sees it wants it! Easiest money I've ever made!
    Mike B
  • "A hotel wants me to do 160 rooms!"
    Pite M

Hotels and Motels Love It!

Every bedroom, in every home or hotel/motel in every town and city needs a Heavenly Ceiling™. Shouldn't YOU be the one that gives it to them?


How It's Done...

This total immersive illusionary effect was created by a professional magician. The founder of our company. On a camping trip with his friends, high up in the mountains of northern arizona, he realized as he gazed in awe under the clear night sky, that the stars actually give us something.

Stargazing is primal. Intuitive. We were meant to see the stars before we fall asleep. Yet in the city, the magnificent view of the heavens cannot be seen because the bright lights, rain, fog, and clouds have forever taken them away from us. We've become too busy. The stars have died out for us. Never to return. So he got to work on his greatest creation ever. And now, he'll teach you.

Now, you can bring the stars back to the people! You won't believe how people react when you do. It's like we've found some long lost friends, and we never want to be without them again. Every time we stargaze, the ancient beauty of the cosmos is joyous and awe-inspiring. It's our stars.

It's called the STARSCAPES F/X® ultra-realistic, custom created, bedroom stargazing ceiling mural.

And everyone that sees it -- wants it. You'll prove that to yourself when your amazing sample arrives in the mail and you just simply show it around to your family and friends. You'll be booking jobs before you're even in business! Discover more on the next few pages, and sign up for our newsletter to keep informed.

Here, you'll see others that have made $95,000 their first year, and others that have made from $500 and up to $2,500 a day, right from the start. You can start part time or full time.

No experience is necessary. A nine year old boy has done it, and we currently have 70 year old women that are doing it. You'll love doing this.


The Professional StarBiz is a Complete Business Program with

  • Professional Equipment
  • Proprietary Tools
  • Supplies and
  • Step-by-Step DVDs

Everything You Need

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Experience an amazing demonstration of this right now with your virtual reality headset!

FREE Download! Get the virtual reality app for Android and iphone. You'll be AMAZED! Show it to your family, friends and prospective purchasers. What will they experience? They will actually seem to be inside of a nice hotel room, looking all around the room, and then the ceiling dissolves away revealing the starry sky above them. You'll hear them all say "WOW! I want that in my room!".

VR Starscapes app
VR Starscapes app

The Peaceful Relaxing Good Night Sleep Sensation™

  • The awe-inspiring experience of stargazing lowers stress.
    University of Calif. Berkeley study
  • Stargazing eases anxiety.
    Kathleen Emerson LPN, CHPLN
  • Researchers have also found that carefully crafted virtual environments can aid in the treatment of post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and other conditions.
    theintercept.com 2016/12/23/

Most Adults Are Stressed. Most Children Are Uncomfortable in the Dark at Night...

"The awe-inspiring experience of stargazing lowers stress." A University of Calif.Berkeley study.

The Bigger Picture -- You're Helping Humanity


Try It Today. Amaze Your Family & Friends!

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    Michael Sieczorek

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Just turn out the lights and listen to people go crazy!!!

One lady placed the sample on the floor and panicked as her toddler began crawling into space! She's now doing this in her city.

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  • I made $1,420 today! My customers love it!
    Joe P.
  • The coolest thing I've ever seen!
    David J.
  • Absolutely fantastic!
    Dennis K
  • I made $5,600 in one house!
    Akeem W
  • A hotel wants me to do 160 rooms!
    Pite M. Nigeria
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