In the daylight it looks like a 4' x 3' white poster. Just turn out the lights and listen to everyone, including the adults, yell "WOW! I want that in my room"!

  • ♥ You'll get your Amazing STARSCAPES® 3D Cosmic Portal (above) ($39.95 value) and your

  • ♥ Home based business Discovery Package business information

  • ♥ Sample brochures and business card.

  • ♥ Professional Presentation audio file MP3

FREE if you act now ($39.95 value).

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Just Show Others and Make Up to $500 to $1,800 a Day!

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There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.

LISTEN TO THIS: Imagine a mother's reaction as a child falls into a hole in the floor into deep space. She was momentarily in shock! "My toddler just tried to jump inside!"

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  • The Demonstration Stargazing Portal is a huge 4 foot tall by 3 foot wide! 12 square feet.
  • Show it to your friends and pre-book jobs because they'll all want it! You'll also hear: "How do you make them all twinkle?"
  • Plus, you'll get all the STARSCAPES® Information, Brochure samples, Business Card samples, Audio Presentation and more!

"WOW! Looks like the real night sky! Everyone wants this in their rooms! We finally found a family business!"

Visit Our Showroom or We'll Mail It To You!

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 Pick up your free package in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. and enjoy The STARSCAPES Experience in our amazing showroom, Monday thru Friday.  Please call us, and tell us when you'll arrive.  The phone number is 1-602-679-0257
Joe and the Customer Service Team will be happy to meet you! We'll even serve you an ice cold "Arizona Iced Tea" to enjoy while you "kick back" and relax on our comfy red leather sofa under the magnificent starry sky.

You'll enjoy ultra-relaxing, ethereal, cosmic music, in genuine surround sound, while you de-stress under the most beautiful starry sky you've ever seen!

  • Or, if you can't visit us...

Or, if you can't visit us... we'll gladly pack up and ship your complete Discovery Package, and Amazing STARSCAPES 3D Cosmic Portal out to you!

Get Your Amazing STARSCAPES® 3D Cosmic Portal, Window to the Universe Gift Package, and your Home Business Discovery Package Today only $39.95.

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Dozens of kids try to get this every day, so we have to ask you to pay the postage, but not until 15 days later.  This gives you 15 full days to fall in love with it, or simply tell us not to charge your card.

(USA only)

In Other Words... Risk Free! (USA only.) (Nobody else in the world will do that for you. But then again, nobody else is as confident as we are that you'll love it! You have to see it to believe it!)

There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.

More Exciting Testimonials:

At first glance, I didn't know what to think, so I set it aside. A couple days later, my wife said - What's that? I had forgot about it until then. So I pulled it out of the box, and that night we both looked at it in the dark. OMG! Was I surprised! I've never seen anything like it! We were in awe! I don't think my eyes had ever gotten so big! It is sooo cool! I can't wait to show it around! If my friends like it too, I'll GET the StarBiz. Thank you!


I've been showing the Portal Poster to some friends and they all said, I want it!


I placed my Amazing STARSCAPES® Stargazing Portal Poster on my floor and practically fell through the floor!


I've never slept so good!


I've got 5 jobs booked! And my kids are "dying" for it!


My husband gave me one. What a great surprise! I love it!


There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.y.

My children love falling asleep under a blanket of stars!


I was totally blown away. My step-daughter and her friend saw them and just said "WOW" and "awesome.

- Steve, in Canada

It's amazing. My two daughters just love it and so do I. Thanks again, Joe. You have a wonderful business package

- Billy Martin

I tested the paper portal sent by Mr. Petrashek with my 12 yr old son, and his friends and everyone that saw it were astounded

- Greg Perez

I have been doing this for over 5 years and have found "STARSCAPES" to be one of the most gratifying and lucrative home based businesses on the planet! Adults are awed at the sight of "Sleeping Under The Stars" and the children delight watching the shooting stars flash across their bedroom ceilings as they drift off to slumberland! The staff and support at "STARSCAPES", as well as Joe, the creator, are an awesome team to work with and are always there to assist our teams in a most professional way! I would highly recommend "STARSCAPES" to anyone seeking to establish a respectable and lucrative home based business!

- Drew Farnese

There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.y.

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