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There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.

Join others in 160 countries that are now creating this wonderful experience in their own cities. Haven't heard about this in your area yet? Get started today before your neighbor does.

You'll Excell as You'll Be Learning This Business From the Master -- the Originator -- the One Who Has Been Creating These For Half His Life and Still Does This!

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Here's what you can do to anyone's bedroom ceiling.
(In about an hour or two with NO previous experience.)

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You'll Be Gazing "Miles and Miles" Above your House, Into the Heavens Above With a View of the Cosmos That Almost Nobody Sees Anymore.

There's the Problem. Now the Solution:

The STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz™ Mastery Course, Specially Designed Astronomical Equipment, One-of-a-Kind Custom Tools, and Supplies, and You Can Do Just That.

Everyone Will Love What You Can Do For Them!


Be up and running in a weekend!

  • I have a new baby and I made $3,9000 my first month!
  • I made $2,000 in three days! I love doing this!
  • STARSCAPES is a miraculous financial life saver.
  • All I can say is Wow!!!!!!!!!!
  • I made $2,200 yesterday!
  • A very lucrative and fun business!

There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.


Imagine that you just had a long day.

(Heh! Who hasn't!)
You lie down in your bed, and a million thoughts keep you from quickly falling asleep.
Then you look up...

Totally AMAZED at what you see above you!

  • Your bedroom ceiling is "GONE!"
  • Like a glass ceiling and you're looking up, way up, at the most amazing starry sky! Stargazing!
  • Thousands of twinkling stars, constellations, shooting stars and the Milky Way galaxy. Daylight, Your Bedroom Looks Normal.
  • But... Just Turn Out the Lights, and You'll Experience Something You've Never Thought Would Be Possible.

Isn't It About Time You Had

  • More free time

  • More money

  • More friends

  • Peace of Mind

  • Never worry about rising prices of gasoline, food, anything!

  • Life can be sweet for you, your spouse, your family, and your future.

  • Money, housing, vacations, healthcare, education, status, cars, and more can be yours when you're successful and in business for yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a get rich quick business opportunity, or money making opportunity with no investment that promises you the moon. There's no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary. No. It's not MLM, and it's not for couch-potatoes. Much like a full-featured course you'd take in college, a trade school or from an academic vocational system on how to learn a skill, it's a very special total immersion educational program, equipment, special tools, supplies and more; and NO experience is needed. Just a weekend with your Pro. StarBiz and good 'ole drive and ambition to share something incredible with others is all you need.


What If the Stars Above Were Gone?

Have You Even Noticed? (Go look tonight!) Most city skies have become virtually empty of stars.

In Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas, you don't see any. In Phoenix, you'll see a scant 50 on a good night. We should see thousands -- if not millions.

The people want them back! And little Mikey wants them back REAL, REAL BAD!

"Where's My Stars!
Next They'll Be Taking My Rainbows!"
Sadly, he'll never get them back.

These two children probably think the starry night looks like this! They need STARSCAPES® too. It's educational so they can find the ancient constellations and more.


Think you've seen the REAL starry sky?Check this out...

A view of the night sky from the Andes mountains in Chile. (Best viewed in full screen.^)

OUR GOAL is to bring back the stars for everyone!
(That's where YOU come in.)
Like appliances in the kitchen... a TV in the living room... Someday every bedroom will have this.

Here's a satellite image showing city lights.  Lights drown out the stars.  The dark areas are the only places left where you'll see a sky full of stars. (At least 2,500 with the naked eye.)

It's the Creator's  first masterpiece. (Think about it... We are supposed to see this Great Work.)  It has the ability to transform us.

But sadly, the city lights, clouds, smog and fog have forever overshadowed them.

Now... YOU can bring the heavens back to the people!

Stargazing? Are You Crazy?!?!

You'll be helping others to see all the stars again and remember God's Great Glory, every night when they go to bed!  It's truly magical.

You'll be a hero.

Listen to this...

"C'mon! Does it look REAL?"
Even NASA likes to show it off!

  • Experts Say 1 of Every 3 Children Are Frightened at Bedtime. Do You Think Parents Would Love To Know the Solution? 9% of the Adult Population Also Suffer From Sleep Disorders.
    Sleep Health Foundation

STARSCAPES F/X® Heavenly Ceilings Allows Adults to Slow the Mind and Completely Relax, While Searching for Shooting Stars, Among the Most Beautiful Starry Sky Imaginable!
Children Love Stargazing at Bedtime, In an Amazing & Friendly Fantasy Land of Fairies, Angels, a Crescent Moon and Space Ships... as They Fall Asleep Happily While Saying Their Prayers and Wishing Upon a Star!

Get Your Free Introductory Package and Amazing Sample Portal Today --Prove it to yourself and others! And you'll see how CRAZY EASY IT IS to make money the STARSCAPES® way!


  • I've had the Demonstrator for a week now and shown it ten times. EVERY person who has seen it has been awestruck! Thanks again for providing such a great opportunity!
    Chip Spencer Zito

Get Your FREE Star Portal + Introductory Pack Now

  • Amazing! It's just so beautiful! Thousands of stars, and they even twinkle! Everyone is going to want this.
  • I surprised my wife... she loves it! I showed my friends... they all want it!
  • We were relaxing under the most incredible starry sky... searching for constellations, and watching shooting stars. Then I realized, we were still in bed!
  • It's got to be about the best thing to have; the best thing to own.

When You Turn Out the Lights For Them, in the Darkness, All You'll Hear is Gasps! "Wow" and " I Want That Too"!

They'll see :-

  • The majestic and glorious sky that you can only see if you're high up in the mountains, on a crystal clear night. It's so cool and relaxing that it actually increases your brain's alpha waves, thereby decreasing stress and, increasing the rapid ability to completely relax.
  • Thousands of stars twinkling above the mountain horizons all around you! Just like a peaceful haven high up in a peaceful mountain valley. You can almost smell the pine trees and fresh air! All in your own bedroom. (Can't imagine it yet? You will when you get your FREE Discovery Package.)
  • The awesome Milky Way galaxy, stretching out overhead with billions of stars that appear to be light years away, will be light years away, visible from your own bed as you simply look up where your ceiling once was.
  • They'll also thrill as their child points out his favorite constellations like the Big Dipper! They'll see Draco the Dragon, Pegasus the Flying Horse, Aries, and more; even Crux, the Southern Cross, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere!
  • They'll even see really cool Comets and Shooting Stars! Adults love them!
  • Girls will like the pretty dancing fairy, tip toeing on the edge of the smiling crescent moon. You can also give them the choice of having pretty angels in their room too! Yes, it makes it fun and a joy to go to bed at night!
  • Boys will want you to create the dramatic and inspiring space ships and battle cruisers with photon torpedoes! It makes for a real fun sleep over with all of his friends! Of course, all the friends will want it too, and that's where you'll find a great source of new business. (And, it's all real fun and super easy for you to do, with no experience needed whatsoever.)


You'll be using our proprietary system that includes all of your "know-how", the astronomical equipment, specialized tools, and creative techniques, along with our incredible Creation Paint™. This magical, invisible paint is not available to the general public. It's the only paint of its kind formulated with rare earth phosphors, light activated molecules, and actual origin stardust, at an astounding $2,560 a gallon, it’s extremely expensive. But don't worry; you won't even be using much. Only about $5 worth for an average ceiling!

In just one weekend, you'll be ready to go! It's easy and so much fun to do! It's easy enough, that with our unique system, a 9 year old boy could do it. And getting back that "feeling of accomplishment and self worth" is refreshing.

After they've taken any valuables out of the room, you'll walk into their room, close the door, tune in your ipod, smart phone or radio, and open up your StarBiz equipment case. Everything is there, ready for you to "wave your magic wand".  You'll spend the next hour or two comfortably creating a cosmic masterpiece of thousands of stars, constellations, shooting stars, and the Milky Way. All with absolutely no previous artistic or astronomical experience!  (Ladder not necessary.* No experience necessary.)

step2-resized200x209When you're finished, you'll lower the lights in the room, and then call them back in.  (Hopefully, they'll also have all of their friends over too!)  Ask the family to lie down and cover their eyes for a moment, as you begin to play the CD or MP3 we give you. This is the Professional Presentation soundtrack that tells them all about it, so that you don't even have to memorize a script. And then the soft, ethereal music comes on to set the mood as they open their eyes.  The entire unveiling or REVEAL includes drama and excitement!

And then you turn the lights out and say... 3-2-1 "Let's stargaze"!

WOW!!!  Everyone is hooting and hollering!  They're amazed!  They won't see their ceiling anymore, because it's "gone"!  Above them in the sky will be thousands of twinkling stars, and constellations!  Of course, it's astronomically correct to the day they were born, so they'll even see the proper constellations, along with the Milky Way galaxy and shooting stars!  Listen to them gasp!  (All of them will do it; even grown men.)

You'll be surprised when they practically "rip their underwear" trying to get the money out of their pocket to give to you!  This is one time in their life, that they are actually happy giving someone money!  And everyone will wonder how you did it!  They'll think you're an incredibly gifted person.  (And you are!)  And they'll never want to be without it!  Children that were once scared of the dark, will now ASK to go to bed!

step3-resized200x209Then, because they called all of their friends over for the unveiling, guess who's going to be your next customers?  Right!  Their friends & neighbors will be in total awe, and they'll want it in their home too!  Just offer them a special deal, on the spot, and you'll have your next customers! Rinse, repeat!

There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.

Everyone Loves Stargazing in Bed!

cap-smYou'll see for yourself, when you get your STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz or your Introductory Discovery Sample Demonstrator Package with the Amazing 3D Portals.  Show the brochures, the other samples and the 3D Portals to others, and they'll beg you to put it in their room for them!

Check this out...

Just show others the Amazing STARSCAPES® 3D Cosmic Demonstrator Portal Posters and you'll have yourself a customer! It's that easy!  Show 10 people and you'll have 10 customers.  And by the way... every home will have about three bedrooms in it, so that TRIPLES YOUR BUSINESS!

Listen to this...

"Phenomenal! Can't wait to show the kids!"

It's easy.

This type of business is fun and easy to start; you can begin part-time, and make $100, $200, $500 and up to $1,800 per day, whatever you want, and begin making money on day one in business!  And you'll have fun doing it!  The average retail price is $12 per square foot.  A 12' by 15' room (2x3meter) is 180 square feet.  That's $2,160.  And there's three bedrooms in most houses!

floridacoupleBut what if your customer can't afford that? That's okay, because it only costs you about $5 in material for each room, so you can give them a generous discount if they help you by getting their friends to come over and see it.

This gets you more business, and extremely happy customers! You can give them 25% off if they bring their friends and family over, or 50% off if they also plant your lawn sign in their yard for a couple of weeks, or promote you on their social media!

This STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz Program can help you create the perfect home business for anyone who loves to make dreams come true and who wants to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

We provide everything you'll need to start your business. And it's fun and exciting!

By the way, it's okay if you're an 18 year old student, or you're 83 years old, (the averaged age is 60). YOU can do this! It even makes a great family business.

If you're an expat, looking for an "open border business" that you can make money while living or traveling in any country around the world, it's perfect.

Students can pay their way through college this way, and make even more money to sock away for their future. And it's really fun!

With This Special Program, The Learning Curve is Quick!

If you can draw a happy face, climb a step ladder and comb your hair, you can do this!   In just a weekend of study and practice, you'll be creating awesome cosmic ceilings!

You don't have to know anything about art or astronomy.  You don't need a truck or van.

Our program provides every thing you need, all the know-how, equipment, tools, technical expertise, supplies, methods and secret tricks you'll need to create these amazing stargazing masterpieces.  Your customers will be mesmerized for years to come!

Since 1991, others have quietly been making money with their STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz Program.  You've probably never heard about it before now.  Now, it's your turn!

Isn't it about time that you do something redeeming? I mean... do something for people that they can enjoy their entire lives. Leave a positive mark for humanity. Make people happy. And you'll never have more fun doing anything else.

"The FREE Portal is absolutely amazing! I've never seen anything like it"


Our mission is to get EVERYONE on Earth under the stars, to once again become humble in the awe of Creation.
"The Heavens declare the glory of God."  (Psalm 19:1)

And when you place your order with us, you'll also be helping to alleviate poverty worldwide. (More on that later.) You've still got some very exciting things to discover about STARSCAPES®! Things that can make you even more money!


If you're just plain tired of searching for business opportunity after business opportunity, franchise after franchise, confusing make money online strategies, bogus opportunities for veterans, network marketing deals, and crossing your fingers, hoping for the next miracle to happen... we suggest you take a look at the FREE sample and judge for yourself.


Our advertisements have been seen since 1991, in professional artist and business opportunity magazines, luxury and hotel industry magazines worldwide.

We've taught thousands in the USA, Canada, the UK and in over 160 countries!

And we get sales leads EVERY WEEK from people that want their own STARSCAPES Heavenly Ceiling. Naturally, we refer them to their closest licensed Artist-Illusionist.

That could be YOU.

IT'S SO AMAZING! You can even commemorate a special day in someone's life!

Did you know that the night sky is always changing? You'll be able to give your client the same starry sky that they were married under, or their child was born under!  It commemorates that special day!  Any sky, any day (past, present, or future), any time!

This creates tremendous value!

Listen to this...
"I just made $750! My customers were blown away!"

There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.


Like a technical school or a masters training program, your STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz Program gives you everything you need, to learn our unique and magical skills, so that you can start your own cosmic home business with just a weekend of study. But even better is your on-going customer support and newsletters, etc.

Imagine wanting to become an electrical and electronics engineer and being taught by Benjamin Franklin or Nikola Tesla.  Or, learning about real estate... mentoring under Donald Trump.  You'll be the 21st century Michelangelo in your area.

You'll learn this incredible business from none other than... the Master himself, the founder of this unique, cosmic art form, Joseph Petrashek.

You won't be alone.  You'll be amongst friends.

JoeAndBuzz0001You'll have Joe Petrashek and the ★ ★ ★ ★ Customer Service Team at your fingertips.

Plus our online community of hundreds and hundreds of people just like YOU, are ready to welcome you as a member of our Inner Circle.

And when you join, you'll hobnob with all of us, worldwide, and learn how to be even more successful from the voices of experience. Those that are out there daily making friends and making money. It's a friendly group too. (Willing to share even more deep secrets with you.)

No experience is needed of you.

Young or old, it doesn't matter.  Anyone can do this. This business mostly attracts entrepreneurs that have seen it all. Guys and gals that have seen it all -- they've been up one side of the street and down the other, many, many times.  Perhaps that's you.

They've tried all the "pie in the sky" businesses, and they're ready to settle down with something that's REAL. Something that's HONEST.  Something that they can enjoy the rest of their lives with.

Start the world's most unique home business today!

Some of us advertise with simple and effective window lettering. You can too!  I received a phone call the very next morning after putting the lettering on. (These are just two photo examples, that others have uploaded to our Inner Circle online community.)

Reveal the Successful Entrepreneur Inside You.
STARSCAPES® is our passion... and soon to be yours?

Listen to this...

Everyone went WOW at the same time!

My children love falling asleep under a blanket of stars!

  • Hi. I would like to say that I have had the posters to see how it would look, and I have to tell you, it was amazing. My two daughters just love it and so do I.
    Billy Martin says
  • I was totally blown away by the Amazing Demo Portal Poster Joe sent me. My step-daughter and her friend saw them and just said "WOW" and "Awesome" just like the website says. It's an awesome home based biz!
    Steve, in Canada says
  • Being an art promoter for the past 10 years, I can only say that meeting Mr. Petrashek and STARSCAPES® is one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever known. I tested the portal sent by Mr. Petrashek with my 12 yr old son, and his friends and everyone that saw it were astounded.
    Greg Perez says

Live Audio Testimonia

 Listen to this...
"The 3D effect of the FREE Portal is awesome! I had to watch myself so I wouldn't fall in!  I'm lining up hotels right now!"

Hey, wait a minute!
Do people really like to stargaze?


Q: If you've ever seen really dark skies...

What was it like (stargazing)?

  • I live in the Toronto, Ontario area, and we were smack in the middle of that huge blackout that covered the entire eastern seaboard a few years ago. We were without power for almost 48 hours, and had a clear sky the first night. We got our son out of bed around midnight and went outside to look at the sky. After staring up into the starry night for a while, I looked down to see virtually all our neighbours out doing the same thing.
  • One summer night... the horizons were remote and distant rims on the edge of space. We lay and looked up at the sky and the millions of stars that blazed in darkness. My companion and I were alone with the stars. I have never seen them so beautiful. The misty river of the Milky Way flowing across the sky, the patterns of the constellations standing out bright and clear, a blazing planet low on the horizon. Once or twice a meteor burned its way into the earth's atmosphere. It occurred to me that if this were a sight that could be seen only once in a century or even once in a human generation, this little headland would be thronged with spectators. But it CAN be seen many scores of nights in any year, and so the lights burned in the cottages and the inhabitants probably gave not a thought to the beauty overhead; and because they could see it almost any night, perhaps they never will. The Sense of Wonder
    Rachel Carson 1929
  • Most people have no idea what a truly dark sky looks like. The ironic thing is, without seeing it for yourself, you have no idea what you're missing. It's truly an awe-inspiring sight, one that can move you emotionally, and bring a lump to your throat. I'm not just blowing smoke here: I've seen this reaction in people many times. It's like being a kid again and believing in magic.
  • In the Northeast Blackout of 2003, people actually were calling the police because they didn't know what all those little lights in the sky were when they looked out their windows.
  • I honestly do miss it.

3 Big Reasons Why Hotel Owners Love It

Competition & Wellness!

  • It's a competition-buster for them. They get more bookings because everyone wants "IN-ROOM STARGAZING".
  • It's a "killer" upgrade for more profits! (Why do you think restaurants offer dessert? More profit!) Just having 20 upgraded rooms with a $10 increase nets them an extra $6,000 a month! Enough for the owner to be driving a new car! And YOU too!
  • Your motel customers can also be listed in our exclusive Worldwide Lodging Directory, so traveling guests, that want to sleep under the stars, can find the property!
  • Imagine smaller motels having an easier time competing with the bigger hotel chains with their advertisements saying this:

When Four Stars Isn't Good Enough...
We Give You Ten Thousand!™

TABLETOP DISPLAY for motel countertops:

ONLINE IMAGE BADGE for hotel websites:

The largest hotel in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand just added 171 Stay Well rooms.  They include:

  • An air purification system that uses HEPA technology to reduce allergens, pathogens and toxins.
  • A mini-bar stocked with items such as almonds, coconut water and yogurt-covered raisins.
  • Vitamin C Shower infusion to neutralize chlorine and promote healthy hair and skin.
  • Wake-Up Light Therapy that exposes guests to short periods of blue-shaded lighting to increase energy and reverse the effects of jet lag.
  • A water filtration system that provides purified, in-room water.
  • Heavenly Ceiling. De-stress with stargazing in bed. (AFTER YOU TELL THEM ABOUT IT!)

Can you see where the entire industry is heading?

Stay Well rooms cost an extra $30 a night on top of the regular room rate.  In our letter to them, I told them that there is a "missing link" in their program.  The "Final Frontier" to the wellness amenities... their cosmic ceiling!  And as the premier installer worldwide of these most excellent cosmic, relaxing ceilings, I expect to hear from them real soon!

Are the wheels turning yet?  I'll bet they are!  Think about it.  Children, teens, and adults.  Stand up on top of your roof.  How many homes do you see?

Hotels have 30 to 1,000 rooms in them. How many hotels and motels are in your area?

How many people is that?  The average retail for a residential bedroom in America is $5 a square foot.  A lot of us charge $12.95 to $15.00 per square foot.  You could make an average of $500 to $1,500 for each room!  And... it's 99% profit.  For a cost of $5 -- you can even give them away as gifts.  Or, use it as a tremendous fund raiser for your group or church!  You'll never find anything better.  And, you'll never have more fun doing anything else. Here's the latest headline from Nov. 7th, 2016:

There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.

The Starscapes International showroom lobby

Listen to this...

"I've got 17 more rooms to do!"

Live Audio Testimonials

Listen to this...

"This is SO exciting!The STARSCAPES STARBIZ PROGRAM is SO complete!It's got everything you need! It's just FANTASTIC!"

Listen to this...

"If you can't make money this way... you're just plain lazy and don't deserve it!"Listen to 83 year old Charles!

Business is booming!  People all over the world are discovering the relaxing health benefits of stargazing with their own cosmic ceiling.

Children and adults aren't afraid of the dark anymore, couples are closer as they discover romancing under the stars; and it really opens up conversation too. The increased alpha brain waves helps you sleep better...

It's just cool being able to see the stars once again!  And that's every night when you simply turn out the lights!

STARSCAPES® is Known Worldwide

We get requests every week from people wanting a cosmic ceiling in their homes and hotels. Only licensed SAI's get them, at no charge.

Our advertisements like these, have been circulated to hundreds of thousands of people.

  • 62 Five-Diamond Hotels in America
  • 162 of the Busiest FBO's (Air Charter Industry) in North America
  • Exotic Car Venues
  • Pebble Beach
  • Concorso Italiano
  • Barrett-Jackson
  • Meadowbrook
  • Amelia Island Concours d'Elgance
  • Top Marques in Monaco
  • Celebration Exotic Car Festivial
  • Sports and Classic Car Auctions
  • Miami Beach Polo World Cup
  • Pro Sports
  • All MLB Locker Rooms
  • All NFL Locker Rooms
  • All NBA Locker Rooms
  • All NHL Locker Rooms
  • International Airline First Class Seats & Lounges:- Air France Swiss Air KLM Emirates El-Al Alitalia Japan Airlines Korean Airlines Virgin Atlantic SAS Lufthansa Air India British Airways
  • Exotic Car Leasees:- Aston Martin,Bentley,BMW,Ferrari,Jaguar,Lamborghini,Land Rover,Maserati,Mercedes-Benz,Porsche,Rolls-Royce.
  • Luxury Magazines:- The Robb Report,duPont Registry,duPont
  • Artist Magazines: The Artist Magazine,American Artist
  • Business Magazines: Entrepreneur Small Business Opportunities Start Your Own Business Get Rich at Home Money Making Opportunities Opportunity World Home Business Money 'n Profits Income Opportunities USA Today
  • Online: Various Lodging Industry sites

BONUS! Get Started Today and It's a 2 for 1 Business!

Before you leave your clients' home, there's even more profit when you tell them about the beautiful & repositionable High Definition Wall Murals!  You apply them in just a few minutes and make $200 per install. Thousands to choose from to re-create any decor in homes, offices, anywhere! Just show some examples to them!

Imagine waking up to beautiful scenery like these...


Get Your STARSCAPES®  Introductory Discovery Package with the Amazing 3D Cosmic Demonstrator Portal Poster FREE!

This package shows you just how incredibly amazing and unusual a cosmic ceiling is! 12 square feet of amazement!  See it with your own eyes!  You won't even believe your own eyes!  Experience the same STARSCAPES® In-Room Stargazing™ that thousands around the world have already done.  You'll never want to be without it.

100Use this FREE Sample Package to pre-sell your spouse, your friends, co-workers, in-laws, and neighbors!  When they see it... they'll want it!  (If you created this size Portal on your ceiling, they'd pay $200.) Get it today while supplies last.  You need to see this.  It's the PROOF that this is YOUR FINEST OPPORTUNITY ever!  Don't pass it by.  This is arguably going to be either the sorriest day of your life if you don't order, or the greatest if you do.  You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 

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There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.

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