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The Only Astronomically Correct System on the Market Today, Resulting in the Most Professional and Realistic Night Sky That Hundreds of Thousands of People Worldwide Now Enjoy, Including NASA.

The "No Excuses"
STARSCAPES® StarLite StarBiz™
Artist-Illusionist Program

Must be over 18. No experience needed.


Everything you need to do your first 30 Heavenly Ceilings including your own!


Astronomical Equipment, Special Lightning, Special Application Tools - not the professional version, of course, but you can get the job done!


Business Manual and DVD, the heart of the system.



Our Own Exclusive Professional Creation Paint™. A proprietary and exquisite blend of rare earth phosphors. Unavailable elsewhere.


More Advanced Tricks and Techniques



Marketing Samples


Soft Portable Equipment Transport Case as upgrade, and More!



Everything is Included to get the job done.


Weight = 20 lbs.

Your StarLite StarBiz Breakdown:


OPTION: The Amazing STARSCAPES® 3-D Cosmic Demonstration Portal.(Only if you haven't received one yet. Image at right or left for illustrative purpose only.)



Your Complete Professional Mastery Educational Course manual titled "15,000% Pure Profit!, (a treatise on the STARSCAPES® system)" is the heart of the entire program. Ring bound for ease of study!  You'll learn how to create this type of magical art in as little as a weekend.  Completely illustrated.   (And personally autographed by the original STARSCAPES F/X® Master himself, Joseph Petrashek).



"Creating an Illusion" - The StarBiz Program's one on one professional tutoring .  You'll have the heart and now the soul of the program!  Like being tutored under Galileo, Franklin or Tesla, you'll join the master at work, as you'll discover completely in every detail, the magic behind this 3-D cosmic ceilings masterpiece fine art illusion mural. There's no need for expensive "add on" personal training. It's all here and complete in this DVD home study course.  All in a classy Presentation Case for safety and storage.



OPTION: you'll also become an EXPERT IN ASTRONOMY, as you are immersed in our richly illustrated, 12 lecture DVD Starscapes Astronomy Coursecourse that gives you an unrivaled tour around the night sky while teaching you about the science, culture, technology, and pure pleasure ofstargazing.  In the eyes of your customers, you'll be as wise as any astronomy professor.  In fact, your professor is an award winning astronomer and NASA researcher!  Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to confidently speak about the night sky with anyone, anywhere!

You'll be a space traveler as you relate vivid stories to your customers helping them to understand the heavens!

To protect your business and keep our system proprietary and away from your bedroom customers and cheap copycat competitors, (= YOUR MONETARY LOSS), most items in the StarBiz are not shown to the public.  We're looking out for us as well as looking out for you.


The Pro. StarBiz includes the highly acclaimed Galactification Machine™.   The Lite Version is included in the StarLite package and will be used in bedrooms only, and is for the Northern hemisphere only; 11"x7"x9".  The Pro GM is custom made in-house and exclusively ours, it measures a full 48" tall x 16" x 16" wide, and has various controls for "smooth sailing" in various night skies and other situations, and is strictly for your use only.  For all constellations in the Northern or Southern hemispheres.  The Pro GM allows you to create a truly professional masterpiece in ANY size room including home theaters, classrooms, multipurpose rooms, theaters, etc. and is not included. You'll be able to get that at a later date if you so desire.)


The Special Lighting System: Allows you to use the technology and see exactly what you're doing.
You'll be able to create almost any night sky, with choice of constellations, in their astronomically correct locations. Makes a meaningful gift to a loved one when you can create the night they fell in love; or commemorate the beautiful starry night their child was born under.


 right-arrow-29Your Artist-Illusionist Tools. (No complicated air brushes). Simplifies the installation, thereby making your job quicker, easier, and more fun!

right-arrow-29OPTION: Your equipment is secured in the convenient equipment transport case that holds everything you need. Complete with wheels and telescopic handle. Ready for your next job, or for your next flight to an exotic location! Use your own, or find this as an upgrade in the shopping cart.

right-arrow-29The STARSCAPES® Super-3 Creation Paint™. Perfect for children's rooms as it starts out bright and then gently fades away 30-60 minutes later as the stargazer falls asleep. Helps to assure a sound, restful night. No smelly or oily varnish or lacquer smells. No sticky, messy gels. The perfect viscosity. And no dangerous spray paints. Non-toxic, non-radioactive. Energized in 5 minutes of ambient light.

right-arrow-29The STARSCAPES® Super-10 Creation Paint™. Glows for hours with a steady glow. Fully energized in 15 minutes of bright ambient light. Non-toxic, non-radioactive. Perfect for teenagers, adults, and the lodging industry.


 right-arrow-29You'll also receive our Special Dramatic Presentation Sountrack CD, that heightens your customer's emotions and creates a magical ambiance, and helps to "sell more rooms" in the home and captures their friends too!

right-arrow-29Full Color Beautiful Brochure samples and more.





Samples of the "Art of STARSCAPES®" Owner's Manual to give with each masterpiece. Adds even more value to your work.  Entertains and educates.  Shows constellations, explains astronomical facts, and mythological stories behind the constellations.

right-arrow-29Samples of the official STARSCAPES® Certificate of Authenticity. Each is individually numbered and would be signed by you, and can show your name, and contact details on it so that your address will always be handy for more client referrals!  This official Certificate, suitable for framing, shows proof of authenticity and adds tremendous value to your work.  Your client will be proud to display it.


Newsletter subscription at no cost to you. Including the Complete set of all "The Galactifier" Newsletter back-issues. (Uniquely informative and brings you "up to speed" with new techniques, etc.)


Member's only online store where you can get apparel, lawn signs and others stuff with discount wholesale pricing...

PICT6954PICT6959And later, an invitation to attend the live online community with hundreds of licensed Artist-Illusionists worldwide!  Great camaraderie, EXCLUSIVE secrets and inspiration!  With the largest, priceless archive of EXCLUSIVE tips and ideas, by other artists, since 1999!  And... you'll feel right at home with all of them, because they're of the same mindset.  There's so much value here, it's priceless!  You'll discover all the answers to questions like, "I rent this apartment, what can you do for me"?  Also, all the fine details that make your customers spread the word like "wildfire".  PRICELESS! You'll even get FREE Creation Paint™ for life! (Only available for licensees, and not available to general customers.)

For proprietary sake, I can't tell you, but, oh all right!  Here's another STARSCAPES® EXCLUSIVE AT&T (Advanced Tricks and Techniques):  Now, using our SECRET method, you can even create your magical murals on dark colored walls and ceilings!  You're no longer limited to just white colored walls and ceilings.  It doesn't matter if the walls are red, blue, green, white or black!  With our methods, you won't see the stars with the lights on!

Also, later on, you'll learn about the snow... okay!  That's it!  I've said enough already.  (It's so awesome, I can barely contain myself!) You'll be privy to all the newest and most extreme AT&T in the industry!

  • Business Manual (E-Z, step-by-step instructions) "15,000% Pure Profit", signed.
  • Astronomically Correct Lite Galactification Machine
  • Complete Set of Artist-Illusionist Tools
  • CD "The Professional Presentation"
  • DVD "Creating an Illusion"
  • Customers' Owner's Manuals
  • All Forms & Checklists
  • Lighting System
  • Creation Paint™
  • Safety Gear
  • Our Wholesale Supplies
  • Brochure & Business Card Samples
  • Certificate of Authenticity Samples
  • Everything included!
  • And more!

(No shopping list needed as with other companies.) We'll even throw in the Amazing Demo. Portal for FREE (if you haven't already received it)!

right-arrow-29World Class Customer Service.

right-arrow-29And more Bonuses!!!  Including these Valuable Reports ($100 value):

  • "How to Get Free Radio Advertising"
  • "Tips For Small Businesses"
  • "Tax Advantages in a Home Business"
  • "The Inside Secrets of Free Publicity"
  • "Money Making Press Release Samples"

(Shipping: Order early today and your package will arrive in usually 5 days.Overseas -- You'll have it in 5 days in most cases. Is that quick enough? Shipping in USA average is about $20, which we pay, and any amount above that will be charged to your card after computing destination and package weight.)

The "No Excuses" STARSCAPES® StarLite StarBiz™ Artist-Illusionist Program

All the Quick & Easy Know-How, Equipment,Tools, Supplies, etc.
Everything you need to do your first 30 Heavenly Ceilings!

(A medium sized "Window to the Universe" sells for $500. A full "Heavenly Ceiling™"retails between $995 and $2,000 depending on the size. After that, you'll probably qualify to get FREE Creation Paint™; for the rest of your life!)


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  • Stellar Customer Support

    Need help with your order? Getting ready to do your first room? Looking for more tips on marketing? Our stellar customer support team is itching to help you become a shooting star.

  • Designed by Joseph Petrashek and Starscapes International

    Developed by the founder of this creative niche magician/illusionist Joe Petrashek. Available since 1991 with thousands of happy stargazers in 160 countries worldwide.

  • Easy to Learn and Fun to Show

    No experience necessary. It’s not work, it’s fun. You’ll be a respected expert in no time. It’s thrilling turning out the lights for your customers the first time. And easy for them to spread the word.

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