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Introducing in Our 26th Year...

The Only Astronomically Correct System on the Market Today, Resulting in the Most Professional and Realistic Night Sky That Hundreds of Thousands of People Worldwide Now Enjoy, Including NASA.

Listen to this! "I knew about this 20 years ago, and I wish I would have started this then!"

There is no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.

  • World Class Customer Service.
  • Joe, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the generous way you solved a problem I was having. Each time I call into customer service it is a pleasant experience. Your staff is always friendly and professional. They do an excellent job. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for making this creative business available in the first place. I am glad I ordered it and I'm looking forward o a successful future with it.
    Matt Wilkiel, California
  • Joe, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions today. I also wanted to tell you how excited we are about STARSCAPES®... this is truly as awesome as you said it would be!!! And customer service.... WOW! The first room we painted was the bathroom (as you suggested) and when our 4-year-old grandson first saw it, we couldn't get him out! He stood on a stool so he could reach the light switch and kept turning the lights on and off so he could see the stars, shooting stars, and milky way. He couldn't wait to get them in his own bedroom --- but then, neither could I. We are definitely sold on STARSCAPES® . I think our feelings are best summed up with the same words that we hear every time we show off our own STARSCAPES® . "Oh WOW, this is awesome!" Thanks again, we are looking forward to a long and profitable association with you and STARSCAPES® .
    D. & K. Woolery, Missouri
  • We have our first 4 jobs to do today. Thank you for all the e-mails you send. They have some great ideas in them! You do have great customer service! 
    D. McGregor, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Hi,Joe! Many, many thanks!! I really appreciate your quick reply. Top customer service! It was great speaking with you yesterday, the maestro! Your words of support really are doing me good and in the future wants to make it a success. I am working very hard at it right now. I have got now skills and artistic talents which I am proud of. All thanks to you. Once more thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be ordering new business cards very soon but my mobile ( cell ) phone number will change in 1 week so will order when I have got the new number. I am wishing you and your family, Joe, and all the fantastic staff at Starscapes International a wonderful Christmas! Speak to you soon. Very kind regards, Gui.
    Gui Rivaud, S.A.I. in England

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The STARSCAPES® Professional
Commercial-Grade StarBiz™

Artist-Illusionist Program
Must be over 18.

  • Everything you need to do your first 100+ amazing Heavenly Ceilings™ including your own bedroom! No downloads to get lost in your computer. Everything is shipped right to your front door. If you ever wanted to start your own fun & exciting business -- it's time to "Fire your boss"! Start part-time or full-time. YOU can do this! A 9 year old boy had done it. 70 year old women currently are doing this! You can too!

Here's a peek inside your StarBiz:

  • The Complete Business Manual "15,000% Pure Profit".

Exposes everything you need to know about this incredible business. The "heart" of the business program. Collector edition hand autographed by the author, Joseph Petrashek. Ring bound for easy study.

  • The "Creating an Illusion" Phase 1 DVD Video.

Learn the business while lying on your couch. The StarBiz Program's one on one professional tutoring. You'll have the heart and now the soul of the program! Like being tutored under Galileo, Franklin or Tesla, you'll join the master at work, as you'll discover completely in every detail, the magic behind creating this 3-D cosmic ceiling in a most professional manner. All in a classy Presentation Case with professionally designed cover, for safety and storage.

  • Your STARSCAPES® Precision Astronomical Equipment.

Our Galactification Machine™ allows you to do 100% of all bedrooms, media rooms, or offices. No messy stencils or confusing templates.  Allows you to quickly recreate any night sky of any date anywhere, anytime, thereby commemorating any special day or event in your customers' life.  (Makes a meaningful gift to a loved one when you can create the night they fell in love; or commemorate the beautiful starry night their child was born under.)

To protect your business and keep our system proprietary and away from your bedroom customers, (= YOUR MONETARY LOSS), most items in the StarBiz are not shown to the public.  We're looking out for you.

  • The Essential Lighting System. Everything you need. (110 volt. For overseas - a simple electrical 110v. > 220v. convertor and adapters are available online.)
  • The Amazing Demonstration Portal to show your prospective customers. When they see it... they Buy! Hopefully for all three of their bedrooms!
  • Complete Set of Special Proprietary & Professional Illusionist Tools and Organizational Chest.
  • The One & Only Exclusive Professional Creation Paint™

 A proprietary and exquisite blend containing expensive rare earth phosphors. This magical paint is made with Mr. Petrashek's exact specifications in our lab and is never sold to the public. Unavailable elsewhere. The only paint of its kind that lasts 25 years. This miracle paint becomes visible only at night, manifested for you as the magical stars that they are.  No smelly or oily varnish or lacquer smells.  No sticky, messy gels. The perfect viscosity.  And no dangerous spray paints.  Non-toxic, non-radioactive.  Energized in 5 minutes of ambient light.  You'll get a large quantity, enough to do 100 ceilings and portal skylites.  Enough to make up to $50,000 or more!

  • Samples of the Customer's Owner's Manual "The Art of STARSCAPES"

Gives your customers important information and fun  educational information.  Puts something in their hands to read while you're creating the art.  Informs them of everything going on so you don't have to spend anymore time on the job than you need to. Adds even more value to your work.  Entertains and educates.  Shows constellations, explains astronomical facts, and mythological stories behind the constellations.

  • Samples of the official STARSCAPES® Certificate of Authenticity.

Each is individually numbered and would be signed by you, and can show your name, and contact details on it so that your address will always be handy for more client referrals! This official Certificate, suitable for framing, shows proof of authenticity and adds tremendous value to your work. Your client will be proud to display it.

  • Professional Presentaton Audio File.

You'll also receive our Special Dramatic Presentation Sountrack CD, that heightens your customer's emotions and creates a magical ambiance, and helps to "sell more rooms" in the home and captures their friends too! A professional actor tells all about it so you don't have to remember anything. Sent to your cell phone for storage allowing you to play the file anywhere you want, without lugging around cumbersome CD players.

  • The Virtual Reality app in the Play Store. Now you can demonstrate anywhere, anytime, to anyone. You'll need to get a VR headset.
  • The VR app is fantastic! It got me 3 jobs so far this week and have many demos lined up!
    Melody Tucker S.A.I.
  • Multiple Marketing Samples.
  • Newsletters to keep you up to date.
  • Online Discount Company Store Password for Supply Re-orders.

Member's only online store where you can get apparel, lawn signs and others stuff with discount wholesale pricing...
And an invitation to attend the live online community with hundreds of licensed Artist-Illusionists worldwide! Great camaraderie, EXCLUSIVE secrets and inspiration! With the largest, priceless archive of EXCLUSIVE tips and ideas, by other artists, since 1999! And... you'll feel right at home with all of them, because they're of the same mindset. There's so much value here, it's priceless! You'll discover all the answers to questions like, "I rent this apartment, what can you do for me"? Also, all the fine details that make your customers spread the word like "wildfire". PRICELESS!

BONUS #1 ($500 VALUE)

  • The "Creating the Window to the Universe™" Phase 2 DVD Video.

Learn how to quickly create a two to six foot in diameter Stargazing Skylite / Window to the Universe™ that you'll make quickly in 5 minutes to 20 minutes.   You'll also learn the mistakes that you don't ever want to do.  These "Windows" cost you only about $1 or $2 in supply cost to create; so now you can create anything that fits your customer's budget!

I made $450 on my first job which was a skylite!

- Ray Livermore, S.A.I., in Michigan

Ok this is the greatest thing since 7up! The course is easy to understand and, I like the fact that I can be in business for myself but not by myself. I have painted several Cosmic Skylites in my home and have also put some on foam to take along with me as they are easy to roll up. Funny how those Skylites attract big attention! To say the least I didn't even have the chance to say much about it and next thing I know -- I now have a job lined up! Very exciting indeed!

- Nancy Kohl S.A.I.

What we love about this unique and profitable business is we are in charge of our own destiny. When our prospective clients first view the demo we have, the are in AWE! Keep looking up to the Universe, it's our canvas. At a local Ramada Inn, I painted 5 rooms with a six foot STARSCAPES® Cosmic Skylite. Now, he wants me to do another 120! When I gave him the initial demonstration, he said "I have never seen anything
so spectacular in my life!"

- Fred & Becky G. S.A.I.s #01653, in Ohio, 69 years old

BONUS #2 ($500 VALUE)

  • Our own patent pending Cosmic Scepter™.

Makes everything easy enough that grandma could do it! Allows you to do what others would take two months to do; all in just a quick hour or two. Now you can do extraordinary things that other installers can't on any height ceiling.

BONUS #3 ($100 VALUE)

  • Soft Portable Equipment Transport Case.

Complete with wheels and telescopic handle. Ready for your next job, or for your next flight to an exotic location!

BONUS #4 ($200 VALUE)

  • You'll also become an EXPERT IN ASTRONOMY

As you are immersed in our richly illustrated, Starscapes Astronomy Course12 lecture DVD course that gives you an unrivaled tour around the night sky while teaching you about the science, culture, technology, and pure pleasure ofstargazing.

In the eyes of your customers, you'll be as wise as any astronomy professor.  In fact, your professor is an award winning astronomer and NASA researcher!  Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to confidently speak about the night sky with all of your new customers.

Like an exotic space traveler, you'll relate vivid stories to your customers while helping them to understand the heavens.

BONUS #5 ($50 VALUE)

  • The VR STARSCAPES app.

Now you can easily show anyone a demo of this fantastic
Heavenly Stargazing Ceiling anywhere, anytime!
Specifically designed to be an extreme attention getter!
You'll Hear everyone in the room say...

"Can I be next!?"

  • I finally got to check out the new VR STARSCAPES app with Google Cardboard. It is freaking amazing! I showed it to my sister, who thought it was amazing too, and she wants to be my first customer! I can't wait to get started creating amazing works of art for my customers!
    Tonya McKinney S.A.I.

BONUS #6  ($500 VALUE)

Increase Your Profit When You Include Beautiful Wall Murals! Imagine the Possibilities in Every Home, & All Commercial Venues, and Offices!

Starscapes Wall murals

While you're still in the home, just show some of the pictures to your client.

We'll kick out the middle man for you, and you'll buy direct from our hand picked short list of manufacturers.  (That means NO markup from us.  We want YOU to make all the profit.
No minimums and FREE shipping every time you mention STARSCAPES®.)

Simple to install panels. Just like wallpaper! And you can profit from the retailing of them. You buy them for as low as $100 for an entire wall! Then mark it up 3X, 4X, or 5X, then make money installing it.  Thousands of designs are available to fit every desire in any venue.  Complete business kit included with your StarBiz!

BONUS #7  ($1,000 VALUE)

Meet with the Master in Phoenix, Arizona for the next Total Confidence Workshop. You'll enjoy the showroom, gain the ultimate in hands-on confidence, become an expert, and you can even become Hospitality Industry Certified! Next scheduled session is in September, 2017. Please get your StarBiz and acquaint yourself with it first before your visit. Every attendee that came in May, from as far as Canada, said that they were extremely happy to have attended. Join us for the fun!

  • And More Bonuses !!! Including these valuable reports:
  • "How to Get Free Radio Advertising"
  • "Tips For Small Businesses"
  • "Tax Advantages in a Home Business"
  • "The Inside Secrets of Free Publicity"
  • "Money Making Press Release Samples"
  • Wow! Here's how I started my day. I ironed on the STARSCAPES logo onto the pocket of my Dickies shirt and put it on. I had to run a couple errands, like the car repair shop, and market. Everywhere I went, people asked me what that logo means! I ended up giving five demo's today and painted some rooms too! Today and tomorrow so far... I will have made $2150! Things are looking up, up, UP! Thank you, Joe, for offering such a great opportunity!
    Marquise Kizer S.A.I.
  • Received my StarBiz. Just wonderful! Everything we thought and then some! Reaching for the stars on BlastOff! Thanks for all the encouragement! You guys overdeliver!
    K. Alexander, Texas
  • I started creating STARSCAPES in 2003. I'm 75 years old now and do a couple every month due to customer referrals. That's all that I need right now. I charge between $8 and $9 a square foot.
    Jim Naples S.A.I.

Approx. equipment/pkg. weight = 25 lbs.

OUR 30 DAY "Try It & Test the Market First" GUARANTEE. Seeing is Believing!


With your Professional StarBiz, you’ll receive the Amazing 3D Cosmic Demonstration Portal Poster, which will be on top of the StarBiz. After viewing and showing it to yourself, your family and friends; if you’re not completely amazed and in awe, or you simply don’t like what you see… and you don’t think it is your “cup of tea”, or for ANY other reason; you can simply request a refund and we’ll cheerfully refund your entire purchase price (less shipping & handling).
We just want you to be :-
(a.) amazed and satisfied, and
(b.) have booked some jobs for yourself by showing the Portal first.

That’s the smart way to do business. Due to proprietary trade secrets, however, no refunds are allowed after opening the StarBiz educational portion of the program.


No matter what the price...
Your first job can pay for it, and you'll have a new money making skill, and new friends, worldwide, to LAST YOUR WHOLE LIFE LONG!

"I just made my 1st sale! 4 rooms in 3 different houses for one person for $5300!"

All for only $15,000.  NOT!
Not $10,000
Not  $7,000
Not $6,000

Test Market Sale Going On Today!
Save 65% If You Act Now!

The STARSCAPES® Commercial-Grade Professional StarBiz

Retail $3,845

Everything Listed Above!
BONUS #7 VALUE $1,000


  • Our Commercial-Grade Astronomical Equipment -- Galactification Machine. This allows you to do 100% of all residential bedrooms, home theaters, hotels, class rooms, and all other commercial installations. As one S.A.I. said, "Any astronomer would give his right arm for this!"
  • Powerful Commercial Lighting System
  • Our Own Exclusive Professional Creation Paint™. Enough to make up to another $30,000 or more in profit.
  • The "Newly Discovered Techniques" Phase 3 DVD Video. Like magic, these techniques will save you more time and make it 50% easier to do.

Total Value $5,750+!

only $1,995 TODAY!

In shopping cart - use discount coupon code "BestBusiness"

Save $3,755

This incredible test offer will be pulled soon and then the price goes back up. Act now to avoid disappointment.

Questions? Phone or text Customer Service: 602-679-0257

Optional Professional Licensing Has It's Benefits...
These statements do not constitute a licensing offer to you at this time. The application will be in your StarBiz.

lod-i-1load-i-2Can You Imagine How Lonely It Would Be Floating Out In Space All Alone?  Here's the Good News! You Don't Need to Waste Your Time and Effort "Reinventing the Wheel" or "Figuring Out Black Holes".

To Be a Success -- You'll Want to Associate With Like Minded Individuals and Become a Member of Our Club!

Once you have customers lined up, we hope that you'll see the benefit of joining our optional Inner Circle club and reaping all of the benefits, like free Website, free hosting, free online social group, free Professional's Newsletter, the Premium VR app, sales leads all free, and more.

Your first month is free and you can cancel anytime.  All of the other exciting benefits will be listed inside your StarBiz program.  They say that to be a success you must hang around those that are successful. Most S.A.I.s have been with us for years! Like Jim Naples S.A.I., (and so many others) he's been with us since 2003. 14 years! Humberto Melendez 17 years!

You don't make that decision now, you do it later, after you see everything and have proven that the Super Select Residential StarBiz is utterly fantastic, and worth 10 times the price; and you've got customers lined up, and you've already made your first thousand dollars. Make sense?

Isn't it time you were truly inspired?  Isn't it time that you finally had a dream come true?  That's STARSCAPES®.  Help us change America and the world, one bedroom at a time.


Here's What You'll Get!
  • Documentation for the OPTIONAL STARSCAPES® trade name Professional Licensing (and exciting benefits) will be included inside your Pro. StarBiz package. (Not needed if you're a hobbyist, but important if you're serious about business. As low as $39.95 a month).
  • One of the many benefits is that you automatically get Free Paint Credits for the rest of your life! ($49.95 Gold members only.) That means FREE ongoing paint supplies for you, for life! Couldn't be any better! With STARSCAPES®, there are NO HIDDEN FEES, just benefits to you!
  • Access to all of our Marketing Materials -- professional brochures, business cards, posters, expert marketing strategies, logos and other images will be yours. Even the apparel! Tshirts and strikingly beautiful satin jackets.
  • As a Gold member, you'll receive your signed Graduation Certificate with a special gold embossed seal and red ribbons, suitable for framing, and personalized with your name, describing your mastery of the art of STARSCAPES®.
  • You'll get to use the Professional Designation Initials after your name (eg. Joseph Petrashek S.Ai.), and you'll also get a classy Club Name Badge to show that you are indeed a professional.
  • You'll receive the members' only Galactifier Newsletter. Filled with hot tips and keeps you informed. All the back issues are yours too! You'll also be invited as a welcome member of the Inner Circle Fraternity Club Online Global Community and be able to interact and confer with all the other STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists worldwide! There are always starving artists. The STARSCAPES® difference is that you get unmatched sales and marketing advice, exactly what to say in certain customer situations, that can make the difference between making a sale and losing it.
  • You'll be able to access an entire encyclopedia of this unique business as you tap into the knowledge base of all of the STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists since the year 1999. More heads are better than one, and this valuable benefit is from the guys and gals out there "in the trenches". All relevant information to your particular queries, whether past, present or future, is word searchable, and instantly at your fingertips. (Want information on home shows? Just type in "home show", in the text box, and you will be enlightened with the wealth of "hands-on" information. How about Groupon and Living Social campaigns? Just type it in!
  • You'll also discover other marketing secrets, and painting secrets only divulged to other S.AI.s. You'll see hundreds of photos, polls, and files all shared within our happy, professional community.
  • We will also create and host your personalized STARSCAPES® Website for you, and we host it for you at no charge! Complete with exciting moving images, music, positive sales copy, site counter, masked email address, and even an optional payment button. We'll upload your customers' testimonials and place them on your site anytime you want. Your website will not be associated with STARSCAPES.COM. It can be at any domain of your choosing, including the popular STARSCAPESFX.COM and STARGAZINGCEILINGS.COM domains. Therefore your site is all about YOUR personal business and has only YOUR contact details on it and says nothing about the STARSCAPES.COM business. It's a great strategic move for you and another free benefit for you from us.
  • You can also receive Sales Leads that we receive from our national advertising which may include the high-end luxury market and the hotel industry. We pass them along at no cost to you!
  • All of the other exciting benefits will be listed inside your StarBiz program. These statements do not constitute a licensing offer to you at this time.

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  • Stellar Customer Support

    Need help with your order? Getting ready to do your first room? Looking for more tips on marketing? Our stellar customer support team is itching to help you become a shooting star.

  • Designed by Joseph Petrashek and Starscapes International

    Developed by the founder of this creative niche magician/illusionist Joe Petrashek. Available since 1991 with thousands of happy stargazers in 160 countries worldwide.

  • Easy to Learn and Fun to Show

    No experience necessary. It’s not work, it’s fun. You’ll be a respected expert in no time. It’s thrilling turning out the lights for your customers the first time. And easy for them to spread the word.

"There's never been a more exciting business than this; and you'll never have more fun doing anything else."

Joe Petrashek, founder of Starscapes International